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Norm being accused of sexual assault

Amber 39 days ago
By hacky failed female comics days after dying of cancer.

ihateconservatives 39 days ago
lol where are you seeing this

easyhateoven 39 days ago

Amber 39 days ago
Many more female comics in the comments https://imgur.com/a/xnHv9eR

easyhateoven 39 days ago
what a c*nt. capitalizing on someone's death. she should be so lucky to be in the same room as norm. i wish he f*cked me

BULLHEAD 39 days ago
I don't have the energy to care

thetowerofrome 39 days ago
Thank God she waited until he died to share this on social media. What a warrior

_d0thack_ 39 days ago
Speaking ill of the dead is some pretty garbage shit.

ShaolinLambKiller 39 days ago
stupid whores that wait till the man is dead then make up bullshit cause he can't defend. reeeks of shit like their twats.

dayman 39 days ago
Female comedians are the f*cking worst

ShaolinLambKiller 39 days ago
they are all terrible.

ihateconservatives 39 days ago
i love seeing all of you pieces of shit pretend that you actually care about people when it suits your bullshit sexist/racist/horseshit narrative. literally everyone on this site is a piece of shit, including me.

easyhateoven 39 days ago
ok trind

jimbo 39 days ago
dayman 1 hour ago Female comedians are the f*cking worst ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

evil_hero 39 days ago
of course he did they all do he wasnt famous or funny enough to get hit with the first me too wave