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The Gabby Petito case

skinsuit 104 days ago
You think you're so cool, acting tuff on the internet. Well, you ain't shit.

jimbo 104 days ago
who the f*ck are you even posting @ at this point? f*ckin bottom feeder

skinsuit 104 days ago
Cry more.

_d0thack_ 104 days ago
Any nudes yet?

skinsuit 104 days ago
Stephan. You're a disgusting piece of shit for asking that. May you rot in solitude for the rest of your life.

_d0thack_ 104 days ago
skinsuit 11 seconds ago What?

Inkongudunk 104 days ago

Amber 96 days ago
So, what now ? https://www.foxnews.com/us/fbi-brian-laundrie-human-remains-manhunt

jimbo 96 days ago
a lifetime movie in 2 years, that's about it

xander_crews_horse 96 days ago
I told ya kort killed them both

ShaolinLambKiller 93 days ago

skinsuit 93 days ago
Shut the f*ck up, SLK.