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Personally, I really enjoy Unearth

Portslob 4 days ago
But why are they the only band that doesn't get ripped to shreds in the news comments? lol

BULLHEAD 4 days ago
Never thought to read news comments

timelordtwo 4 days ago
Cuz they don't try too hard

carveyournamein 4 days ago
Probably because they made some pretty good music.

_d0thack_ 4 days ago
They are a very consistent band. If you've heard one album you've heard them all. And that isn't a bad thing by any means. It's a good thing they have never stepped out of their comfort zone.

easyhateoven 4 days ago
i stopped caring after the oncoming storm (2004)

Portslob 4 days ago
There are plenty of bands that make great music that are not immune to shredding in the news section

timelordtwo 4 days ago
Yeah and they take promo pics that make them Look very stupid

shitinyourhand 4 days ago
Never got into them and I remember one time at Hellfest literally saying to Buzz.. "Hey how's it going man" back stage before we were going on, directly to his face and he just looked at me, turned around and walked away. I thought he was the happy fun guy and he cold shouldered the shit out of me. Never met him in my life before that point.

carveyournamein 4 days ago

simon_belmont 4 days ago
I saw them open for Zao and Shai Hulud when they were just starting to get out. Didn't think it was bad. Was impressed by the guitar players. But never cared for their albums.

horsecow162 4 days ago
Portslob! Thought about you the other day, RTTP posted an old Cannae pic and you were front and center. Hope all is well you bastard!

horsecow162 4 days ago
jesus christ, look at all the old school posters....where's horseheadxbookends?

Godfreyjones 4 days ago
Bands a solid 6/10. Their older stuff up to The Oncoming Storm WAS good, but doesn't hold up for me. The rest can f*ck off as it's generic cookie cutter metalcore snoozeshit.

nothinlefttogive 4 days ago
Played a show w/ them & shadows fall in 2003. Also seen 'em at a VFW a few months before that. They were always very good.