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Your biggest bar tab

Pilgrim 78 days ago
Maybe 200

BULLHEAD 78 days ago
maybe half that minus 20 plus 5

virus_dot_exe 78 days ago
I'm gay

Pilgrim 78 days ago
Ya we understand that

virus_dot_exe 78 days ago
Thanks again

I think 200-300 on the night that I may or may not have been sexually abused by Doug Stanhope is the most I've paid.

ShaolinLambKiller 78 days ago
No idea. I dont run tabs

shitinyourhand 78 days ago
bar is always manageable.. it's the large party dinner tabs that can get pricey.. I've invited people out for like celebration shit and spent 800 bucks before.. that's my max.. but with dinner and drinks etc.

Barbara 78 days ago
200 or so, after my 50% off discount for knowing the owner. Used to do that a couple of times a month with tons of ~100 tabs in between. I don't drink anymore.

skinsuit 78 days ago
Probably about 1,500 - 2,000 SEK.

vagisilcreem 78 days ago
more than $100, less than $200. It's probably been 2 years since I last stepped foot in a bar.

PenicillinTrapdoor 78 days ago
Somewhere around $80-$100 probably.

Pilgrim 78 days ago
I paid for my GF and her friends tab last night and it was 150. Felt like an idiot this morning

xander_crews_horse 78 days ago
When I was 22 I came back from Omaha and went to an Irish pub in PA and easily, easily, charged $350 because I just got a Capital One card and did not give a f*ck. I woke up in some bathroom of an apartment but I remember falling asleep on some floor of another.

Portslob 78 days ago
How the f*ck should I know