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Weirdest shows you've ever been to

simon_belmont 11 days ago
Someone threw darts into his chest I think

willy_wanker 11 days ago
ive seen jim rose circus sideshow

timelordtwo 11 days ago
Def not him I love voivod and really looked forward to seeing them. I was so disappointed. Even the dudes around me were like wtf is going on. It was so strange

BULLHEAD 11 days ago
that's unfortunate to hear.

timelordtwo 11 days ago
At some local place someone threw a cup of poop into the mosh pit

simon_belmont 11 days ago
I'm glad I've never been to one of these poop shows

carveyournamein 11 days ago
Man. I've been to thousands of shows and the only poop related thing was a toilet exploded onto some chick.

nothinlefttogive 11 days ago
SOD, all out war, one king down, converge, & a local opener or two at the hanover house. Scott Ian was very drunk & the whole thing was f*cking hysterical, in retrospect. There was a blizzard & like no one was there for the first half of the show. People did eventually materialize, however. SOD did "the ballad of Stevie Wonder", which was f*cking hilarious.... billy turns his back on the crowd & throws his arms up & screams "thank you! good night!"

BULLHEAD 11 days ago
i love SOD

xander_crews_horse 11 days ago
The entire week end of Hellfest 04

virus_dot_exe 10 days ago
saw a local band playing in the shitty mall down the street once and it was very surreal, and I saw the red chord & unearth at the West Edmonton Mall.

timelordtwo 10 days ago
Xander was in the middle of the bad luck 13 riot throwing a pigs head into the bleachers

Pilgrim 10 days ago
ECW when I was 13 and saw New Jack jump from 30 feet. Then Love Lost But Not Forgotten played. I was perplexed

Pilgrim 10 days ago
Also kylesa playing some fest in Daytona and I back flipped off a stack 20 feet high. I should have died

Serious 10 days ago
The Funeral Pyre at some small shit hole bar in 06. They were playing on a very small stage and the singer kept bumping into the guitarist. The guitarist pushed him off him at one point and the singer misstepped and fell off the stage. There was maybe 20 people in the crowd and nobody caught him, so he hit the ground hard, let out a loud yelp, and just finished the show on the floor.