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Shiba inu crypto coin

rick_tocchet 83 days ago
Who got in? I am trying to buy a billion coins as of right now. So when that shit hits .01 cent I can buy Lambgoat and be the true Overlord.

BULLHEAD 83 days ago
i'd rather die penniless

simon_belmont 83 days ago
I need a get rich quick scheme is this my best option?

skinsuit 83 days ago

rick_tocchet 61 days ago
So I made around $1600 yesterday. Anyone else in on this? I made the thread.

BULLHEAD 61 days ago
i don't want anymore money

rick_tocchet 61 days ago
Im trying to get yall rich. Theres still time to jump on.

rick_tocchet 61 days ago
Download coinbase and get it going

timelordtwo 61 days ago
Just bought $100 worth

simon_belmont 61 days ago
1600? I could use 1600

webmaster 61 days ago
i'll buy a few hundred thousand coins, but if i lose my precious $10, i'm going to ban you with extreme prejudice

Inkongudunk 61 days ago
I have just shy of a million shares. Cost 30 bucks

evil_hero 61 days ago

carveyournamein 61 days ago
Cryptocurrency is unethical.

AnalButt 61 days ago
I'd pay $10 to see the Shiba Inu crip-walk