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Ben & Jerry's Ice cream

Vince 258 days ago
You like that stuff?

Portslob 258 days ago
I do, but I don't buy it because those guys are anti semites

Fat-Lenny 258 days ago
I love me some chubby hubby

dog_boner 258 days ago
I wish the peanut brittle one was still around

_d0thack_ 258 days ago

Vince 258 days ago
They hate Jews???

Portslob 258 days ago
Oh yeah. They stopped distributing to Israel until they quote "stop occupying Palestine "

Spork 258 days ago
Damn, I thought they were supposed to be these progressive hippies

Portslob 258 days ago
You guys really haven't heard about this? Arizona just stopped doing business with unilever, the parent company. They lost like 150 million in contacts this week

Vince 258 days ago
Oh word?

carveyournamein 258 days ago

carveyournamein 258 days ago
I stand with Palestine.

vagisilcreem 258 days ago
i love B&J's ice creams

OhMyCar 257 days ago
I don't give a f*ck about Palestine or Blow&Jobs sugary trash but the fact they made a statement about the schemers warms my heart <3

webmaster 257 days ago
i've been in a long-term relationship with this flavor though we haven't hooked up for many months