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California 'Stealthing' Law

theocean 47 days ago
i didnt know it was called "stealthing" or that anyone still uses condoms https://www.newsweek.com/california-stealthing-law-would-make-it-illegal-remove-condom-without-permission-1627079

ej 47 days ago
just hope it accidentally falls off

VodkaVeins 47 days ago
"My dick's too big for condoms" is old a tired. "My dick's too small for condoms" is the new wave if you wanna raw dog.

skinsuit 47 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 47 days ago
just f*cking pathetic shit.

thetowerofrome 46 days ago
Lol at the term stealthing. What the f*ck

_d0thack_ 46 days ago

simon_belmont 46 days ago
I can't believe people actually still have sex

06OG 46 days ago
I use the pinky finger of one of those blue gloves. I cut it off and put that on my wiener. Only thing Ive found that works. Tried wrapping in tinfoil too. That just hurt.

rick_tocchet 46 days ago
California may take the title away from New Jersey for being the biggest piece of shit state in the Union.

AmusedToDeath 46 days ago
I believe the technical term is "raw dogging."

Kvin 46 days ago
Haven't used a condom like well over 15 years and even before that I barely ever used them.