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Barbara 141 days ago
Ban this f*cking loser. Worthless hack

Crowdedlives 141 days ago
He's probably gonna respond with something that involves the word "gay" and then he will most likely target some misogyny (that he learned from his shitty father example most likely) towards you cause your username is Barbara

skinsuit 141 days ago

AnalButt 141 days ago
Found a pic of him https://imgur.com/gallery/LZkUPoh

Barbara 141 days ago
Lol but that's way too good looking

skinsuit 141 days ago
Ok, so you found someone else to bully

ShaolinLambKiller 141 days ago
Suck his dick bruh

skinsuit 141 days ago
You like dicks, SLK?

Barbara 63 days ago

PenicillinTrapdoor 63 days ago
That loser hates pussy. Ban him.

Portslob 63 days ago
Lay off him, the man just had major lung surgery

Barbara 63 days ago
complaining 'about the blax' is usually what I do after surgery too

OhMyCar 63 days ago
PenicillinTrapdoor 17 minutes ago That loser hates pussy. Ban him. I hate whores and people that defend them.

Barbara 63 days ago
cool there's whole communities of incels on reddit

BULLHEAD 63 days ago