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Vince 91 days ago
You think it was an "inside job"???????????

butlerianjihad 91 days ago
Didn't the Taliban do it?

Just imagine how much cooler it would've been if it happened on 3/11

Vince 91 days ago

easyhateoven 91 days ago
so not chill, man

easyhateoven 91 days ago
but def worth thinking about lol

vagisilcreem 91 days ago
dubya did it.

xander_crews_horse 91 days ago
It was George bush himself he did it all he even flew em airplanes vroom vroom yeah. Bill gates.

easyhateoven 91 days ago

carveyournamein 91 days ago
I don't.

theocean 91 days ago
it never happened

ej 91 days ago
9/11 was considered a dick move, no matter who did it

VodkaVeins 91 days ago
It was you sagea, tell the tr00f sagea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z8yUuAolVY

skinsuit 91 days ago
Twenty years ago in nine days.

AmusedToDeath 91 days ago
Imagine if this event happened right now with the state of affairs in this country. Then, imagine Lambgoat posted a news story about it.