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Avant-garde Doo Wop

simon_belmont 350 days ago
Do you think this exists? If not, I've got a few ideas

theocean 350 days ago
im still waiting for progressive barbershop

BULLHEAD 350 days ago
like Zappa?

I think you could call Mr. Bungle - California that.

simon_belmont 350 days ago
Don't tell me what I could do

BULLHEAD 350 days ago
i feel like that band TV On the Radio might qualify but probably not

Godfreyjones 350 days ago
Disco is avant garde Doo wop

BULLHEAD 350 days ago
i do like that Zappa - Ruben and the Jets album. it's good

simon_belmont 350 days ago
It could be Hard Wop. Like how jazz has Hard Bop

BULLHEAD 350 days ago
i think Nu-Wop would be better

Jayskie 350 days ago
BULLHEAD 3 minutes ago i do like that Zappa - Ruben and the Jets album. it's good I like that one too. Check out Greasy Love Songs on YouTube, it's the original versions of Reuben and the jets before he re recorded the drums and bass in the 80s

carveyournamein 350 days ago
It exists.

willy_wanker 350 days ago
im sure john zorn has done it

ShaolinLambKiller 350 days ago
i got something for you close

ShaolinLambKiller 350 days ago