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Wednesday goaters!

carveyournamein 96 days ago
You gonna make it to work on time?!

boredtodeath 96 days ago
I've been here for 10 hours already!

carveyournamein 96 days ago

Portslob 96 days ago
f*ck work

theocean 96 days ago
im still working from home man no shoes!

xburnfacex 96 days ago
Working in my underwear right now idiot

Barbara 96 days ago
Gonna fight my adult gamer coworker today

carveyournamein 96 days ago

Chadley 96 days ago
I took today off to celebrate the first day of fall, so I don't need to worry about making it in on time.

ej 96 days ago
i got here 45 minutes late because i just dont care anymore. will leave right on time for practice. i have gamed the system.