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ETID, The Acacia Strain and The Ghost Inside tonight

f28r06a42n12k 58 days ago
I'm so violently hungover already this is going to hurt a lot

Barbara 58 days ago
I thought this was gonna be a joke thread.

BULLHEAD 58 days ago
i ain't laughing

ShaolinLambKiller 58 days ago
is this 2004?

dog_boner 58 days ago
You must be really bored

Great_Gonzo 58 days ago

f28r06a42n12k 58 days ago
I left before the Acacia Strain even started because the setup was trash and it started raining. The entire place was just lines. One single beer tent so it was long as f*ck. Five merch tents that each had long ass lines that crossed with lines to the Porto potties. Trash.

carveyournamein 58 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 58 days ago
i only saw Acacia Strain live cause we played with them. I can get why people like them. still not my thing.

easyhateoven 58 days ago
saw acacia strain once in 2005. would rather get the delta strain

gaseousclay 58 days ago
ShaolinLambKiller 9 hours ago is this 2004?

gaseousclay 58 days ago
how many songs did they play off of 'last night in town'? i would maybe catch covid.

gaseousclay 58 days ago
they have to be warming up for the big gig. in alabama. the last hurrah.

gaseousclay 58 days ago
where is grape_scented to talk about what set-list they're going to play?

gaseousclay 58 days ago
i'm sorry. i mistook keith buckley for jake bannon and also jane doe for last night in town. iv'e been out of the loop for a while. sorry, guys.