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Mortal Kombat

carveyournamein 58 days ago
You know that game was a lot cooler when they used digitized actors.

BULLHEAD 58 days ago
never played it

carveyournamein 58 days ago
Why not? You missed out.

dog_boner 58 days ago
Yeah man now I have to feed all these people every day and dry clean their costumes and shit

BULLHEAD 58 days ago
i probably played it a couple times. i wasn't into fighting games. i remember all the hype about it though. the nintendo one had no blood so the sega one was cooler

earthpart20 58 days ago
true story i had 32 wins in a row on an arcade machine on all these kids when i was a kid (mk3), it was first place til they took the machine out. 1,2,3 were my favorite but if you haven't played 9 (just called mortal kombat...2011) i highly recommend it. it's basically a love letter to everyone who loved the first 3 games.

carveyournamein 58 days ago

Vince 58 days ago
I suck so bad at this game.