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You Have A Job

AmusedToDeath 146 days ago
Tell me about your job. How did you obtain this position? What did you do to get it? Education, qualifications, training? Do you like/love/hate it? How do you feel about the 40 hours you spend a week on this?

Portslob 146 days ago

timelordtwo 146 days ago
Post your social security

AmusedToDeath 146 days ago

AmusedToDeath 146 days ago
If you queers didn't get the VH ref, God help you.

theocean 146 days ago
feel free to call my boss..... 888-652-3736

AmusedToDeath 146 days ago
theocean 2 minutes ago feel free to call my boss..... 888-652-3736 This was NOT what I was expecting. I gave you high praise.

Inkongudunk 146 days ago
Why do you use homophobic slurs so often

BULLHEAD 146 days ago
i'm a landlord. it's pretty f*cking easy