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Coolest scene of any movie ever?

carveyournamein 98 days ago
I think it's the "The Box! You opened it! We came!" scene https://youtu.be/0utsyWNoupM

Vince 98 days ago
It's this. https://youtu.be/AGnHD_imzIc

jimbo 98 days ago
the curb stomp scene in American history x

AnalButt 98 days ago
The last 3 minutes of The Beyond

timelordtwo 98 days ago
The shoot out in heat

backseatkiller 98 days ago
hotel/street shootout in no country for old men

vagisilcreem 98 days ago
this one https://youtu.be/aElOiB-sp3w

unvisitedgrave 98 days ago


Spork 98 days ago

lake_flaccid 98 days ago
The transformation in American Werewolf in London

06OG 98 days ago
The end credits from the movie "The Captain" 11/10

06OG 98 days ago
Apocolypto - The entire movie

ShaolinLambKiller 98 days ago
What jumbo said

ShaolinLambKiller 98 days ago