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The Official Song of the Day Thread

_d0thack_ 60 days ago
Some of you may love this. Some of you may hate it. But i got laid last night and I might still be drunk.

carveyournamein 60 days ago
How are you putting videos in the thread?

_d0thack_ 60 days ago
I'm a mod.

carveyournamein 60 days ago
Could you please ban kort?

BULLHEAD 60 days ago
i'm not participating in any threads with embedded content

Inkongudunk 59 days ago
^^^ agreed

simon_belmont 59 days ago
Dong of the day>

_d0thack_ 59 days ago
That's fine. Do you. 👍

skinsuit 59 days ago
You have shitty taste in music.

theocean 59 days ago
far from nirvanas best..........but i always thought it was decent it sounds like nirvana

_d0thack_ 59 days ago
It's def my favorite song. It's very telling.

Kvin 59 days ago
Nirvana sucks. Saw them twice in High School and that proved how shitty they were. My choice in music back then was garbage.

easyhateoven 59 days ago
that song blows

Barbara 59 days ago
This isn't my song of the day, sorry

Jemenez_Cricket 59 days ago
Terrible song choice.