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Creed's Scott Stapp covers Minor Threat song at concert

simon_belmont 160 days ago
How hard did you click?

BULLHEAD 160 days ago
he was probably in a teenage punk rock garage band. everyone was

simon_belmont 160 days ago
One time I was in a dollar store or something like that and heard this sort of poppy cover of a bad brains song on the radio. It was weird.

simon_belmont 160 days ago
It might have been this. Which I guess isn't that weird since he was in punk bands in the 80s. But still, it's a weird thing to catch when you're in a store like that. https://youtu.be/pMzARvkKNtg

easyhateoven 160 days ago
my mouse is in pieces

thetowerofrome 160 days ago
I clicked so f*cking hard

timelordtwo 160 days ago
I clicked with my f*cking face