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Louisiana passed a law that

Sortblob 24 days ago
Mandates the 10 commandments must be displayed in every classroom in k-12 public education settings. The bill was passed with overwhelming GOP support.

easyhateoven 24 days ago

B__DAWG 24 days ago
i practice VOODOO

Sortblob 24 days ago
I tried voodoo once

PoultryInMotion 24 days ago
these are the people who ride trumps dick

Zortslob 24 days ago
Kids in Louisiana can't read them anyway

willy_wanker 24 days ago
id rather see the ten commandments than a poster of the three thousand different genders and pronouns

Sortblob 24 days ago
Where can I buy one of those posters? Asking for 3000 uniquely queer friends

easyhateoven 24 days ago
you have O friends

AnalButt 24 days ago
Ten Crack Commandments >

B__DAWG 24 days ago
they should make a new ten commandments. those ones are old as f*ck

B__DAWG 24 days ago
who gives a f*ck what MOSES had to say?

Inkongudunk 12 days ago

Sortblob 12 days ago
Wade, as usual your cutting edge commentary knows no bounds. I'm on awe of your machsismo, you are oozing masculinity.

lurkcity 12 days ago
B__DAWG 12 days ago i practice VOODOO this explains Louisiana pretty well. so it shouldn't surprise anyone. i mean they live in a state that is literally underwater.