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willie mays died

B__DAWG 23 days ago
and i think maybe noam chomsky died too

Rip in peace Willy!

PenicillinTrapdoor 23 days ago
He was the greatest ever.

simon_belmont 23 days ago
Willie Mays Hayes

Urkelfan666 23 days ago
Did he invent oxiclean, or just do the infomercials?

dontcare 23 days ago
I think he planned it to be on Juneteenth. He was one day away. :(

Zortslob 23 days ago
For being too slow?

willy_wanker 22 days ago
i thought he was already dead

B__DAWG 22 days ago
were you at the Polo Grounds when he made that catch, willy?

simon_belmont 22 days ago
He probably made a whole bunch

willy_wanker 22 days ago
i was at the first ever baseball game and im still a virgin

rick____tocchet 22 days ago
I thoughy he died years ago

B__DAWG 22 days ago
you're probably thinking of hank aaron

willy_wanker 22 days ago
i was thinking of babe ruth

B__DAWG 22 days ago
everyone from the old days of black and white TV is dead now