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lurk, the pig destroyer news item

kort 24 days ago
you f*cking got it wrong. have you ever listened to this band? do you know their song names? can you read?

VodkaVeins 24 days ago
Pig Destoryer is my favorite one.

kort 24 days ago
lurk you're blowing it big time you mush-brained buffoon

B__DAWG 24 days ago
lurks just plain dumb, it's not really his fault

Zortslob 24 days ago
Pig destroyer changed lurks life to a life of illiteracy

kort 24 days ago
anonymous 4 hours ago Wow TWO f*ckups in the title. Genuinely, did y'all even graduate high school? Scumbag dipshits

lurkcity 24 days ago
there is an allocated number of characters allowed in the heading, which is something webby and co built. it would seem that when it was posted fetish would have made it 2 characters to long and it was autocorrected to flesh, since fetish was missing the s and h. hope that helps.

Zortslob 24 days ago

B__DAWG 24 days ago
i stuck up for you, lurkcity

kort 24 days ago
does that explain why the following line is still in the article? Pig Destoryer have shared a remastered version of "Rejection Flesh", available below. two mistakes in one sentence. impressive!

kort 24 days ago
i never thought i'd think back to webg00ns trash attitude and 75 IQ fondly

PoultryInMotion 24 days ago
why is he doubling down on this lol

kort 23 days ago
this is the evidence we need to go to the lambgoat board of directors to get lurk fired

kort 22 days ago
bumping until lurk fixes the post

easyhateoven 22 days ago
autism destroyer