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straightedgehack 37 days ago
lurkcity 1 hour ago straightedgehack 20 minutes ago lurk, i haven't "melted down" in a long time. i'm far more chill than you are led to believe. melting down just once on a metal forum is insane as is, that is NOT a normal thing. this forum doesnt matter. why are you letting it affect your real life day to day? youve drank yourself dumb over words people say to make you drink more... you let them win on you DAILY. just stop. Alright. Here. https://ibb.co/bdJKwdy

willy_wanker 37 days ago
dude, get a job

Inkongudunk 37 days ago
Lol @ taking a break from hanging out with your fake family to post a screenshot on lambgoat

easyhateoven 37 days ago
lambgoat is serious business and time is a meaningless construct

PoultryInMotion 37 days ago
i dont see whats wrong with one cold beer

lurkcity 37 days ago
Guess someone needs to be locked out for their own good… again

Inkongudunk 37 days ago
It's only gonna get worse as the day goes on Timeout time!