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those electric dog barking deterrent thingies

B__DAWG 38 days ago
you know if those work? i want to zap it at my neighbor's dog

willy_wanker 38 days ago
just use a 5OOOmW laser

B__DAWG 38 days ago
i might just use a revolver

hornetwarlike 38 days ago
Ultrasonic dog barking deterrents, often referred to as "electric dog barking deterrents," emit a high-frequency sound intended to discourage dogs from barking. https://google.com

B__DAWG 38 days ago
i already knew that

straightedgehack 38 days ago
i like you as a poster but if you think shocking dogs will stop their barking, you are barbara. who openly admitted to kicking dogs in discord for the fun of it. don't be a douchebag to defenseless dogs doing dog things. that's gross.