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Why isn't there a LambFest

Inkongudunk 38 days ago
Everyone else has fests. Headliner is a very loosely defined word these days. Why isn't there a lambfest with like 7 or 8 crappy bands and you can sell lamb ears attached to hats or something

simon_belmont 38 days ago
I agree Lambgoat needs a fest. Mainly for bands to protest it though.

lurkcity 38 days ago
This is not a new idea to us

AnalButt 38 days ago
Please don't lurk. Let webby pick the lineup

easyhateoven 38 days ago
it's just callous daoboys

lurkcity 38 days ago
AnalButt 41 minutes ago Please don't lurk. Let webby pick the lineup Phish would headline

hornetwarlike 38 days ago
Creating a "Lambfest" sounds like a fun and unique idea that combines live music with a themed culinary experience. https://tinyfishing.world

simon_belmont 38 days ago
I agree, carve_bot

B__DAWG 38 days ago
that sounds delightful

straightedgehack 38 days ago
hell yeah. bad mexican food in texas and everyone wearing a day to remember onsies. f*ck yeah.

Would rather go to a petting zoo with lambs and goats than see any bands that this current website could manage to gather for a fest.

straightedgehack 38 days ago
me! i love animals. let's go into the shitty petting zoo at a ren fest. let's love those babies.

straightedgehack 38 days ago
i just saw slayer for the first time .omg. so good.

I usually go to the state fair every year to go to the petting zoo and hang out in the stinky livestock showcase area.

straightedgehack 38 days ago
f*ck yeah. them animals are so cute. it's sad. it makes me mad. i should get drunk one ren fest after my wife and i have been together for a solid five years so i can just yell mistreatment at everyone.