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new nails song

easyhateoven 11 days ago
yep. sounds like nails

B__DAWG 11 days ago
nine inch?

Nine inch nails is good. Unlike this band.

dayman 11 days ago
more like nails on a chalkboard

easyhateoven 11 days ago
more like penis inside another penis

this news comment sums it up pretty well anonymous 5 hours ago It took Todd 8 years to write 10 one minute songs that are just going to be chugging and going "eeeeUUUUGGHHH STAY OUT OF MY WAY POSER!!!!"

Conduit 11 days ago
The last song will be 8 minutes to get the run time up but yes rather accurate.

ShadowBlade 10 days ago
It's good.

B__DAWG 10 days ago
i've yet to hear this band

suicidebears 10 days ago
will you

straightedgehack 10 days ago
it's okay. i can't believe it took that long to write that short of a song but yeah, it's okay.

straightedgehack 10 days ago
it's nails. consistent. you can't hate consistent bands. that's for the birds.

Inkongudunk 10 days ago
Yes, they spent their entire hiatus writing that one song Your brain is dogshit

B__DAWG 10 days ago
i'll check them out someday, sb

straightedgehack 10 days ago
i can't wait for the whole album they've spent so long on sounding exactly like this song. consistent band that just makes the same record over and over again. i can't hate it.