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Surgery update

Poetry_in_gasoline 35 days ago
I survived. Ribs cracked open, finally healing. I can hear my heart in my throat. How are you all?

Zortslob 35 days ago
Pretty good

You_Were_Wrong 35 days ago
How about the Rx drugs?

Zortslob 35 days ago
Are you still in the hospital? Did any of the nurses molest you?

What did they do?

easyhateoven 35 days ago
damn, bro

Zortslob 35 days ago
Did he die?

Poetry_in_gasoline 32 days ago
No death. Valve replacement. Slowly healing. Working on being less fat and getting back my stamina.

lordzedd 32 days ago
Has anybody asked how the drugs are? Honest question.

Keep healing guy.

Poetry_in_gasoline 28 days ago
I am on blood thinners and heart pills. I occasionally take T3s. I don't remember this but when I was in the OR holding area. the doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist were going over things... I said this seems like a lot of work for a circumcision.

PoultryInMotion 28 days ago

lurkcity 28 days ago
are you 80?

kort 28 days ago
lurk you don't have legs or a brain so maybe its time to get down from your medium horse (with the help of a step stool)