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New Thou

Hox_Ablation_PhD 45 days ago
Holy crap this album absolutely rips. For the life of me I don't get how it was rated a 7. It's not boring, it's tight, it's driving and full of energy.

Zortslob 45 days ago
Holy shit hox, where you been?

VodkaVeins 45 days ago
Thou f*ckin' rules

easyhateoven 45 days ago
he's been listening to the new thou album

Zortslob 45 days ago
I don't think that's all he was doing

B__DAWG 45 days ago
maybe i'll listen to it

kort 45 days ago
shittin out ma butt

Hox_Ablation_PhD 44 days ago
Zortslob 23 hours ago Holy shit hox, where you been? Busy protesting outside Trump's hush money trial.

Hox_Ablation_PhD 44 days ago
Held up a sign that said, "HE SAW HER TITS, YOU MUST NOT ACQUIT"

Zortslob 44 days ago
Damn you hox!

kort 44 days ago
some people just cant get enough KORT

Hox_Ablation_PhD 43 days ago
House of Ideas is incredible. Crushingly heavy first half, a quiet lull, and then that protracted guitar-heavy ending. Again, how in the name of Zeus' holy butthole is this album a '7'?!?!?

B__DAWG 43 days ago
i think it's subjective

simon_belmont 43 days ago
I didn't think it was anything special. But that's how I've felt about everything from thou that I've heard. Just listen to Grief

B__DAWG 43 days ago
just listen to BEEF