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Robert De Niro at the trump trial in Manhattan

Inkongudunk 24 days ago
Lol, politics aside it's just awesome to see a crowd of people shout f*ck YOU at Robert de Niro for any reason

willy_wanker 24 days ago
his reply "you talkin to me?"

VodkaVeins 24 days ago
If he's not dressed as Travis Bickle then yeah...f*ck off.

rick____tocchet 24 days ago
100% he was on Epstien Island.

PoultryInMotion 24 days ago
is he part of the hollywood elite?

Zortslob 24 days ago
Lol, what a bitch

lake_flaccid 24 days ago
Obviously hes made some all time great movies, but he stopped trying decades ago

simon_belmont 24 days ago
Eh, let me know when he's seen at a Converge show

B__DAWG 24 days ago
i don't like actors

jimbo 24 days ago
dude fell off hard.

Inkongudunk 24 days ago
I love how much energy and time people spend shouting at other people about trump. Like that gimmick. It's wonderful