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whitey 29 days ago
This show is hilarious

jimbo 29 days ago
is this that new Shane Gillis jawn?

jimbo 29 days ago
probably won't check it out. prob sucks.

whitey 29 days ago
It is And it's funny

PenicillinTrapdoor 29 days ago
Watched it all yesterday. Pretty good.

luxuryprisons 28 days ago
Crushed the 6 episodes. Thought it was really funny, but did wonder if it would have gotten stale if it went more episodes. I know another season already got the green light, so I guess we'll see!

whitey 28 days ago
It's giving white trash The Office I'm here for it, that show is basically just my work place with how they act

PoultryInMotion 28 days ago
first two episodes really funny im gonna watch the rest later.

This shit rules!

Zortslob 28 days ago
I watched the first two, it was pretty funny. I like the fat guy that's always eating

B__DAWG 28 days ago
you mighta been looking in a mirror

straightedgehack 28 days ago
I was really hoping this was a thread about discussing tire prices between our vehicles but it looks like it's about some show i'll never watch.

whitey 28 days ago
Watch it, you might enjoy yourself

straightedgehack 28 days ago
i don't have time. and i don't like comedy. it's hard to get a reaction out of me unless you're being a douche bag.

jimbo 28 days ago
lol I just got back from some chicks house and she had this playing while we Netflix and chilled, I heard three loco at the end of one of the episodes and was oh shit, might have to give this show a try when I'm not playing slam pig. might check it out now.