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71% of the earth is water

evil_hero 8/13/2021 10:08:00 AM
yo momma so big she the rest of it what it do, goater faqqs?

vagisilcreem 8/13/2021 10:11:38 AM
oh, you know..just trying to get my fatf*ck mom to lose some much needed weight. you?

simon_belmont 8/13/2021 10:12:39 AM
Stop paying your water bill

ShaolinLambKiller 8/13/2021 10:28:18 AM
suck another dick gay.

ej 8/13/2021 10:55:01 AM
there has to be at lease 1 percent land

willy_wanker 8/13/2021 4:02:28 PM
and the human body is also 71% percent water. coincidence? i dont think so

simon_belmont 8/13/2021 4:16:34 PM
Are you saying the earth is a human?

BULLHEAD 8/13/2021 4:19:24 PM
or maybe we're planets. think about that for a second

BULLHEAD 8/13/2021 4:19:56 PM
that's like a billion tiny mites living on your eyelashes right now. i think i read that somewhere at least

simon_belmont 8/13/2021 4:36:15 PM
Reality is an infinite fractal. There are billions of universes within each atom. And we are in one of billions of universes inside an atom. It might be cyclical too. I haven't decided on that yet.

evil_hero 8/13/2021 9:06:57 PM
smoke weed everyday!!

evil_hero 8/13/2021 9:09:32 PM
ej 10 hours ago there has to be at lease 1 percent land you make a strong point

gaseousclay 8/13/2021 9:48:20 PM