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romania has the best fest this summer

PoultryInMotion 32 days ago

B__DAWG 32 days ago
i don't wanna see that many bands

I want to go to Transylvania, but only want to really watch Ufomammut and God is an Astronaut. Maybe one or two more. Way too many bands.

Daniel_Larson 32 days ago
This is f*cking dog shit

Daniel_Larson 32 days ago
Neck beards are stoked

easyhateoven 32 days ago
you think dracula will be there?

lake_flaccid 32 days ago
Dracula will be side stage

B__DAWG 32 days ago
definitely NOT going

Zortslob 32 days ago
It's pretty good, but you can see all these bands in the US.

B__DAWG 32 days ago

Zortslob 32 days ago
Frogleap played a VFW hall down the street from me yesterday

PenicillinTrapdoor 31 days ago
You can always narrow these dumbass festivals down to like 25% of the bands there. Nobody likes all that shit.

whitey 31 days ago
Fests are legit the worst

B__DAWG 31 days ago
i agree with you

PoultryInMotion 31 days ago
maybe you guys are just pussies