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That new mad max movie

simon_belmont 35 days ago
It looks like it's just going to be like a marvel cgi diarrhea type of thing. Mel Gibson is rolling in his grave.

jimbo 35 days ago
all the newer ones have been shit

lake_flaccid 35 days ago
I liked Fury Road but I'm not optimistic about this one, I'm sure the reviews will cry about how good it is though

Zortslob 35 days ago
I will see it

luxuryprisons 35 days ago
Fury Road was awesome. But the CGI on this one looks like ass. Hoping its just trailer that looks shitty.

i think miller uses mostly practical effects, no?

simon_belmont 35 days ago
The trailer looks like a goofy green screen marvel movie

straightedgehack 35 days ago
Fury Road is awesome.

lake_flaccid 35 days ago
I think all the car chases and stuff are practical but I'm sure a lot of the explosions and overall look of the movie is heavily edited

i just watched the trailer and it does look like shit

willy_wanker 34 days ago
mad max and the road warrior are the only ones i need

B__DAWG 34 days ago
i like that Fury Road one, although it WAS "woke"

Zortslob 25 days ago
I saw it this afternoon. It's pretty f*ckin good. Not as much action as the last one, but good origin story. It's long too. There's a midget in it.

B__DAWG 25 days ago
might watch

simon_belmont 25 days ago
I'll see it when it's on Netflix