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Just cried to Tombstone the pizza

simon_belmont 8/13/2021 5:41:05 AM
Pizza the hut

easyhateoven 8/13/2021 5:45:57 AM
remember those commercials? "what do you want on your tombstone..... CHEESE AND PEPPERONI!"

Portslob 8/13/2021 5:49:47 AM
I used to eat those a lot. They still make those?

simon_belmont 8/13/2021 5:51:33 AM
I don't know. I think digiorno ran them out of business

vagisilcreem 8/13/2021 5:52:56 AM

easyhateoven 8/13/2021 5:55:24 AM
they were good

Portslob 8/13/2021 5:56:00 AM
Digiornio sucks

vagisilcreem 8/13/2021 5:57:53 AM
Portslob 1 minute ago Digiornio sucks it's really the worst. you know what's great? home run pizza.

easyhateoven 8/13/2021 6:01:13 AM
celeste lol

vagisilcreem 8/13/2021 6:07:54 AM
good band

Portslob 8/13/2021 6:10:08 AM
My mom always had the freezer stacked with Celeste in high school 😘😘

easyhateoven 8/13/2021 6:18:56 AM

PenicillinTrapdoor 8/13/2021 6:34:31 AM
home run inn does make a damn fine frozen pizza

vagisilcreem 8/13/2021 6:35:06 AM
my mom would either buy:(all personal pan style) totinos GFS(gordon food services) red baron

ej 8/13/2021 8:17:20 AM
red baron the best frozen pizza