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scissors7 8/13/2021 5:13:11 AM

easyhateoven 8/13/2021 5:14:26 AM
today - work, seeing secret shame (asheville post punk/death rock) in athens tomorrow - chill, day drink sunday - tattoo appointment

ShaolinLambKiller 8/13/2021 5:33:38 AM
Going to animal sanctuary

scissors7 8/13/2021 5:38:37 AM
Today - WFH, catch up on some stuff at work, stay in tonight (no fishing) Saturday - Hopefully an online kayak fishing tourney. Need to see if the wife will let me out for 8-9 hours. Sunday - Take the kids fishing or something.

Portslob 8/13/2021 5:39:16 AM
Today - work Saturday - dogsitting/dog stuff; buddy's 40th bday party Sunday- maybe go to the Red Sox game

easyhateoven 8/13/2021 5:45:19 AM
mY pLaNs // ThE DeLtA vAriAnT oh man, these memes are like so funnnyyyy

vagisilcreem 8/13/2021 5:54:43 AM

shitinyourhand 8/13/2021 6:17:06 AM
Been going f*ckin hard this summer. Trying to take a couple days off

shitinyourhand 8/13/2021 6:17:41 AM
*days of from fun... haven't worked much this summer.. been a f*ckin blast but still need some chill dayz

ej 8/13/2021 8:16:42 AM
today: work, try and not get drunk tonight tomorrow: practice and then play first show since covfefe sunday: think about death

scissors7 8/13/2021 8:43:30 AM
bump for late risers.

_d0thack_ 8/13/2021 8:56:53 AM
Today - work till 4, bathe and groom dogs, smoke & watch some Friday the 13th flicks Tom - up early, oil change, record hunting, smoke & switch Sun - morning jog + meal prep, mow & light lawn care, smoke & watch new movies coming in mail