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The Hope Conspiracy

lake_flaccid 51 days ago
One of the few bands who have reunited and actually sound awesome

rick____tocchet 51 days ago
Agreed. They are the ONLY "hardcore" band I would currently see live as well.

Bortslob 51 days ago
I don't like them. Never have, never will

cervical_lancer 51 days ago
Their naked raygun cover is f*cking awesome

easyhateoven 51 days ago
love them despite their cheesy lyrics

AnalButt 51 days ago
The Cancer Conspiracy >

easyhateoven 51 days ago

lake_flaccid 51 days ago
Their new record and EP sound so good. It's like they're picking up where they left off but with more of the heaviness from All Pigs Must Die. Really hope they come to California soon, I'd love to see em. But yeah corny lyrics for sure

whitey 51 days ago
10/10 New stuff sounds good Old stuff is perfect! Loving it

easyhateoven 51 days ago
i didnt mind the lyrics off the first two records. def screamed along to them when i was in my late teens/early 20s

PoultryInMotion 51 days ago
lyrics aren't much different than most shit

10/10 band, plus the vocalist murders people...love that.

lake_flaccid 51 days ago
Lets be real almost every hardcore band has mediocre lyrics unless you're 16 I'm surprised everyone digs this band as much as I do, I'm into it. Gonna need to hear more about that murdering though!

Bortslob 51 days ago
He got in a fight with a guy at a bar in Boston, the guy ran out of the bar, he chased him, and the guy ran into the middle of oncoming traffic and got run over by a car. The bar subsequently closed after being sued.. it was one of slob's favorite bars, so it was almost like he murdered two people

easyhateoven 51 days ago
i thought he killed some dude who r*ped one of his friends