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Jesus Christ! Fox News live just showed a guy

Bortslob 63 days ago
Self immolate

Bortslob 63 days ago
They were like "hey there's a fire in the street, turn the camera!" Dude was just engulfed in flames outside the courthouse where the Trump jury selection was going on

Inkongudunk 63 days ago

easyhateoven 63 days ago
fox news lol

Bortslob 63 days ago
That was f*cked up. I was eating my lunch

Inkongudunk 63 days ago
Was it an extra crispy chicken sandwich

Bortslob 63 days ago
No it was ham and Swiss on white bread with grey poupon mustard.

Inkongudunk 63 days ago
I enjoy a spicy chiptole mayo on my ham sammiches

simon_belmont 62 days ago
You put Doritos in it?

Bortslob 62 days ago
No I don't have any Doritos, I had some tortilla chips and a banana with it. It was a quality lunch

willy_wanker 62 days ago
anyone roast marshmallows on the guy

Inkongudunk 62 days ago
I like that no one heard what he said before he lit himself on fire. Mission accomplished

VodkaVeins 62 days ago
It was Lurk. He just heard RATM's first album

Bortslob 62 days ago
I guess he had a manifesto and was ranting about a global Ponzi scheme

AnalButt 62 days ago
If there were more people like him, there would be less people like him