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Guys who don't like KFC

vagisilcreem 30 days ago
definitely not you know who

dontcare 30 days ago
Funny, I was thinking about the same thread title. Bunch of poetry writing wimps.

vagisilcreem 30 days ago
Imgur picture
plaguestricken 30 days ago
Wonder Showzen was the greatest show ever. I have both seasons on DVD. Who wants to touch me?

Bortslob 30 days ago
I'm a fan of fried chicken

jimbo 30 days ago
watermelon is good too

dayman 30 days ago
not funny

lurkcity 30 days ago
you mean like chic fil a patrons?

lurkcity 30 days ago
or popeyes?

AnalButt 30 days ago
KFC sucks

Bortslob 30 days ago
We need more Arby's locations in this country

lurkcity 30 days ago

Bortslob 30 days ago
Too weak to digest horsey sauce ya bitch!? There are only two Arby's in Massachusetts, the closest one is an hour away

VodkaVeins 30 days ago
Arby's chicken/bacon/swiss is the best fast food chicken sandwich.

lurkcity 30 days ago
arbys bag meat. no thank you. if i want diarrhea ill go to krystals