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Donnybrook - the beast inside

Inkongudunk 34 days ago
I wish the vocals weren't so meh

kort 34 days ago

dayman 34 days ago

easyhateoven 34 days ago
The dick inside

VodkaVeins 33 days ago
I was in a band called Gator Deathroll with the drummer for a bit. Our vocals were equally bad...

lake_flaccid 33 days ago
A certain group of hardcore kids at my high school had red sox backpacks and ranted about Donnybrook and this album, when I finally listened I was rocked by how bad it was

Bortslob 33 days ago
I thought you had to be at least 500 yards away from high schools

easyhateoven 33 days ago

lake_flaccid 33 days ago
You must be confusing me with trind

VodkaVeins 33 days ago
I like how they claim LA when they're from Hesperia and Tehachapi

luxuryprisons 33 days ago
Don't really remember this record tbh. The one with the hockey album art was fun.

Inkongudunk 33 days ago
That album is way better

lake_flaccid 33 days ago
I thought this was the hockey one, but I guess that's Lions in This Game. I didn't know they made two.