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One Month Sober.

toxicnacho 45 days ago
See you guys in a few months.

PoultryInMotion 45 days ago
hell yeah bro. you still smokin tho?

easyhateoven 45 days ago
He's shootin up

simon_belmont 45 days ago
He means he's been listening to Sober by Tool nonstop for a month straight.

kort 45 days ago
you need to suck it

AnalButt 45 days ago
I'm too lazy to look up if it's been a month since he's posted

PoultryInMotion 45 days ago
i dont think it has

Bortslob 45 days ago

toxicnacho 45 days ago
It hasn't been a month since I've posted. I've been around but I am trying to lay low and not aggravate you guys. PoultryInMotion 1 hour ago hell yeah bro. you still smokin tho? currently, no. I am going all in. even cigs. it's rough but it's all good. once I complete aa and this outpatient treatment I am going through I will probably get back to that if family time permits. I wish you all well. I am going to try to steer away until Sept. that'll be 6 months. I may post here and there but don't mind me.

toxicnacho 45 days ago
going for a year and attending my first actual AA meeting Sunday. on my own terms too. will be cool. I think. probably not. I don't know what i'm getting into. i'm just trying to get better/

Inkongudunk 45 days ago
I like how you lied about doing crack and heroin That's pretty dumb

lurkcity 45 days ago

kort 45 days ago

toxicnacho 45 days ago
lurkcity 1 hour ago Shinfo uh, thanks man. sorry for the update. later.

dayman 44 days ago