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white zombie reunion 2O24

willy_wanker 22 days ago
would so be there

vagisilcreem 22 days ago

B__DAWG 22 days ago
i doubt i'd attend

easyhateoven 22 days ago
i wouldnt wanna see an old ass rob zombie trying to resurrect his old ass band (who i used to love). it would just be sad now

easyhateoven 22 days ago
plus those guys hate each other

B__DAWG 22 days ago
i'd like to drive around in that dragula

easyhateoven 22 days ago

simon_belmont 22 days ago
Too white for me

Might be cool.

Bortslob 22 days ago
Saw them twice back in the 90s. Would go to a reunion

willy_wanker 21 days ago
its not like theyre all 9O like the stones

VodkaVeins 21 days ago
f*ck yeah

Dipswitch 20 days ago
Would youtube it furiously...but, would never go.

Conduit 20 days ago
You want to see a 60 year old rob zombie doing his proto kid rock bullshit?

willy_wanker 20 days ago
to be honest, i dont give 2 shits what anyone does on stage or what they look like on stage as long as they play with energy and sound great