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the state of hardcore in 2024

strokemymeat 22 days ago
when did everything start becoming so f 4 g g 0 t y? who is to blame? Sonny?

B__DAWG 22 days ago
there's probably a few good bands out there

Conduit 22 days ago
Daze have some bands I enjoy but 90% of hardcore is garbage. Maybe that's always been the strike rate.

B__DAWG 22 days ago
i was listening to DYS today. i like them

B__DAWG 22 days ago
i like the last song on there. it sounds like weird heavy metal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FblYbEU8bsU

B__DAWG 22 days ago
i like this band. they're pretty new https://worldihate.bandcamp.com/album/years-of-lead?from=embed