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wednesday playlist

easyhateoven 287 days ago
one king down 108 this is hell takaru the assistant this ship will sink pg.99 majority rule you and i people coughing in my office the last one is a real treat

simon_belmont 287 days ago
Sex turn you to dirt, a non-entity Sex turns you to stone and that's reality

foulmouth 287 days ago
Gojira - Fortitude Blasphemer - The Sixth Hour Memoriam - For the Fallen Crowpath - Red on Chrome Fall Silent - Six Years in the Desert Decapitated - The Negation Inquisition - Nefarious Dismal Orations Taint - The Ruin of Nova Roma Genocide SS - III

vagisilcreem 287 days ago
mogwai - young team casket lottery - survival is for cowards enon - believo

AmusedToDeath 287 days ago
Dystopia - "Human = Garbage" His Hero Is Gone - "Fifteen Counts of Arson" ELEH - "Living Space" Bitter Branches - "Along Came a Bastard" Low - "HEY WHAT" Occulsed - "Crepitation of Phlegethon"

easyhateoven 286 days ago
hhig.. hell yeah, man

BULLHEAD 286 days ago
America's Hardcore Volume 5 dead can dance - dionysus beyond dawn - pity love devil doll - the girl who was....death