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those newer bad brains albums

B__DAWG 43 days ago
you ever listen to those?

simon_belmont 43 days ago
I think like a track or two but I don't remember.

B__DAWG 43 days ago
i don't remember either because i have brain damage

PoultryInMotion 42 days ago
i passed on a chance to see HR do some solo shit live recently. eh.

luxuryprisons 41 days ago

dayman 41 days ago
build a nation was good, that was 07 tho

B__DAWG 41 days ago
that's new

Bortslob 41 days ago
I never listened to the old ones

B__DAWG 41 days ago
they're pretty good. give it a try maybe

Bortslob 41 days ago
I doubt I'll have enough time