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virus_dot_exe 53 days ago

Bortslob 53 days ago
Get f*cked up!

B__DAWG 53 days ago
frankly it's none of your business

easyhateoven 53 days ago
seeing crosses (ttt) tomorrow im gay

Bortslob 53 days ago
You sure are

PenicillinTrapdoor 53 days ago
Working my 3rd Saturday in a row. I'm usually off Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I get my shit done quick so I can go the bar for some of the early hockey games.

BarstoolBilly 53 days ago
counting down the hours https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20240224T2330&p0=43&msg=Countdown+Timer&font=cursive

Bortslob 2 hours ago Get f*cked up!

B__DAWG 53 days ago
stayin' sober and clearheaded

dayman 53 days ago

toxicnacho 53 days ago
I want to get drunk and smoke some weed on this beautiful Friday afternoon, but I think I'll just have a few while I have some free time and go to the garage a little later.

whitey 53 days ago
Play hell divers Go to my boy's house and cook pizza in the ooni

At the laundromat right now. I'm gonna drink, eat Shepard pie, and put away laundry later. I'm gonna take my dogs to the snow and a lake in the morning and then probably go out and drink tomorrow night. Sunday I'll probably drink at home and watch the new season of formula 1.

AnalButt 53 days ago

LurkCity is in his bed, dealing with the mumps this weekend. LOL