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All my food pics are grey

I can turn any meat or vegetable into gray pig slop.

whitey 21 days ago
Hawg slop baby

Gabaghoulio 21 days ago
You're gonna die soon because you have PAH you weasely shmuck. Your store was shut down because you were selling bootlegs. You also dipped some chicks' toothbrushes in your shitty toilet water. You take creepy upskirt pic of unsuspecting females, probably underage. You are scum

B__DAWG 21 days ago
sounds like a BAD dude to me

What a bunch of porkly broth filled lies. Who's the goater that's supposed to come scoop you to live with him to make more stellar as you call it "midi music". Remember were going to take the world by storm with your 8-bit Nintendo music? Remember when we asked you to touch your girls cl*t and you said she'd hate that? What do you say to someone swimming to get them to do it faster? Stroke stroke stroke stroke stroke.

You sold your soul for porkroll

Also posting within mere seconds of 2 different screen names is suspect too. Glad you agree with yourself

VodkaVeins 21 days ago
The f*ck is the horseshit?

B__DAWG 21 days ago
a couple of fat f*cks fighting over some dumb shit, i reckon

toxicnacho 21 days ago
VodkaVeins 2 minutes ago The f*ck is the horseshit?

VodkaVeins 21 days ago
Is OneSoVile named Jeremy? Is this a diss username?

VodkaVeins 21 days ago
f*ck yo bitch and that clique you claim

VodkaVeins 21 days ago
whitey 14 hours ago Hawg slop baby Beef-52s

B__DAWG 21 days ago
let's hear this dungeon synth music. i wanna make fun of it

VodkaVeins 21 days ago
I wanna more about the store that sells bootlegs