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Candiria - 300 Percent Density

simon_belmont 8/10/2021 8:58:38 AM
Currently spinning

skinsuit 8/10/2021 8:59:08 AM
Good album.

AnalButt 8/10/2021 8:59:46 AM
Good album. Was looking for it the other day and realized I lost it somewhere.

PenicillinTrapdoor 8/10/2021 9:00:33 AM
constant velocity is as natural as being at rest is the one

easyhateoven 8/10/2021 9:00:40 AM
lol trind, you don't listen to candiria

skinsuit 8/10/2021 9:03:11 AM
Yes I do. I even have some of the physical CDs.

simon_belmont 8/10/2021 9:04:18 AM
Process Of Self-Development has always been my go-to but lately I've been digging on this. My friend and I in high school picked up these girls and were driving around listening to Process and we thought all the jazz parts made us seem intellectual. Realistically they were probably just like, yeah these guys have a car so let's hang out and put up with them.

easyhateoven 8/10/2021 9:09:11 AM

easyhateoven 8/10/2021 9:09:42 AM
i used to make my high school gf listen to skrape

webmaster 8/10/2021 9:23:25 AM
that album is featured in the new issue of Decibel

ShaolinLambKiller 8/10/2021 9:29:36 AM
this was okay. piss off pedophile.

skinsuit 8/10/2021 9:30:28 AM
Your art. You know what.

foulmouth 8/10/2021 11:03:43 AM
another fine record

rick_tocchet 8/10/2021 11:17:00 AM
Its good.