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Petition to fire reviewer Eliot

toxicnacho 118 days ago
lol jolocaust

kort 116 days ago
how cool is the band photo in the album review?

bigelrestinpeace 114 days ago
Where's it at? I'll sign it.

dayman 114 days ago
Eliot Smit

kidcadaver 114 days ago
eliot's severance package will be comprised of so many sweet stickers

Inkongudunk 114 days ago
bigelrestinpeace 5 days ago "^ oh do you get a bonus if you get so many views? Like instead of $12 you'll get $16? Either way, you should want as few people as possible viewing your pitiful attempts at writing and seeing what trash taste in music you have" I do actually get a bonus, but not what you'd assume, it's not money but more so the reinforcement of knowing that you will always be a complete f*cking loser that wouldn't ever put a face to your name or talk that shit in a public setting, if you even shower enough to go out in public without making someone puke. It's the bonus of knowing your going to die mad because your wittle website changed and you didn't. So yeah, keep on being the walking punchline you are, crack another Zulu or Goo joke and continue being the absolute worthless jerkoff you are always going to be, thanks for your service :) 😆

Inkongudunk 114 days ago
U gonna talk dat shit in public!?? I stand on business! What a f*ckin loser lol

bigelrestinpeace 114 days ago
I mean, if I'm the loser here, and to be fair I never said I was a cool person, it's gotta be a bleak reality for the anonymous chuds who comment on every review, as ya'll several steps below dogshit lmao. The irony of some absolute jabroni calling me weak willed or a bitch when they would never, ever step outside their anonymous internet bubble even to talk shit on the internet might be lost on ya'll, but it's not on me, so I'll continue to laugh at that shit and the anon commenters can continue projecting their lite-columbine esque rants on every review towards me. So it goes. I mean shit, one of ya'll that posts on here actually caught legit charges for threating mass shootings on the internet lmfao. The only thing I failed at here was actually giving any of these smooth brains the actual time of day with a response in general, but since it seems to rile some of ya'll up so much maybe I'll just continue to do it lmao. Either way I don't give a shit if you read or don't read or hate my reviews at the end of the day, I'm gonna keep doing them so tough shit, and whoever wants to continue whining about it anonymously like a little bitch can continue to do that. I just miss the days of "vanflip/no care ever" and comments that were actually even close to funny, but that era def over it seems like. THOUGH I will admit straight up that some of the insults I've seen (the floor buffed face and only one L cause I'd be taking them thing especially) are pretty f*cking funny, so I'll give props for those. Anyways I have 0 doubts that if I met the majority if not any of ya'll in real life you'd pretend lambgoat doesn't exist lmao, and that's just facts. And like I said, make the petition to fire me and I'll sign it.

B__DAWG 114 days ago
no ones gonna read that, bud

toxicnacho 114 days ago

RAGINGFUCKMAN 114 days ago
It wasn't a mass shooting, it was 5-6 specific people who'd popped off and then got shook and called the cops, Elliot whose parents can't spell, who'd get f*cking mashed.

RAGINGFUCKMAN 114 days ago
when you f*cktards pop off like that, have you ever read what Celine posts or do you just see his words on teh screen and go "OH NO MEAN INTERNET MAN BOOOO" I got popped because I had direct contact with the people threatened... i mean, their buddy called me saying he'd put an earhole in me before I said all that, but they called the cops lol... also, as well as having ran promo for East Coast Tsunami for 2 years and the mailers I got were from dudes home address, which I think I mentioned. Way different than whatever you think. Circumstance, familiarity... Eliot, you're a pussy little f*ckboy.

B__DAWG 114 days ago
all the reviewers and staff here suck so bad. except belmont (he just kinda sucks a little bit)

RAGINGFUCKMAN 114 days ago
also, stupid, you just signed the petition, this thread is it

barbara2.0 114 days ago
who gave wild steve a keyboard and a pack of Kools damn