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Iran condemns "terror attack"

Inkongudunk 112 days ago
Explosion kills over 100 at ceremony marking Soleimani's assassination. Lol, can someone embed a gif of south park al gore saying "sucks to be you..."

kort 112 days ago
hey how about some compassion for your fellow man

Sortblob 112 days ago
Wade doesn't have any empathy. It's due to a combination of environmental and social factors. It definitely sucks to be him

Inkongudunk 112 days ago
"Wade" Stfu EJ, go back to the discord

starship 112 days ago
He gets his news from Yahoo, the McDonald's of the internet and thinks he's woke, probably.

lurkcity 112 days ago
Inkongudunk 1 hour ago "Wade" Stfu EJ, go back to the discord he meant reddit

kort 112 days ago
got em

Sortblob 111 days ago
Lol you f*ckers always claim I am someone else. First it was D0t now its EJ (hopefully not EJ Shannon, dude is a herb.)

Inkongudunk 111 days ago
Stfu EJ

Bortslob 111 days ago
f*ck em

Inkongudunk 111 days ago
Oh SNAP. ISIS just took credit for the attack Unexpected. This is like a WWE story twist when heels turn on each other

starship 111 days ago
Stfu turd ass sniffer.

kort 111 days ago
my friend ralph (he does the evening shift at subway) also took credit. i think he might be lying though

Inkongudunk 111 days ago
Ralph doesn't have the networking skills to pull off the 1-2 suicide bomb boogaloo that went down. Classic ISIS. one bomb goes off, people run to help, first responders arrive, medics, then boom, second bomb goes off. Weird twist

starship 111 days ago
Totally ISIS, guys. You heard it here first from the Yahoo transmitter 2.0