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The chicks chick died

lurkcity 149 days ago
Car crash

vagisilcreem 149 days ago

PoultryInMotion 149 days ago
damn the dixie chicks are fucking old

Just complete the transition already and post it to the News section.

7billiondead 148 days ago
Well I suppose a vanflip podcast is out of the question.

jimbo 148 days ago
vagisilcreem 1 hour ago Wut

AnalButt 148 days ago
She ain't whistling anymore.

just_farted 148 days ago
earl was suppose to be the one that died

AnalButt 148 days ago
I think the dumbest part of this is that The Dixie Chicks changed their name because it somehow seemed racist to have Dixie in your band name

B__DAWG 148 days ago
it's sad to die at christmas

BigDog 148 days ago
But what are her thoughts on George Bush and the war in Afghanistan?

Pilgrim 148 days ago
Well she doesn't have any thoughts anymore

Rest in power chicken.

willy_wanker 148 days ago
my dixie wrecked

willy_wanker 148 days ago
was she wearing a sick of it all t shirt