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I'm opening a liquor store for alcoholics only

Bortslob 204 days ago
These fucking amateurs that only drink once a year fuck up my whole operation. GO HOME

B__DAWG 204 days ago
it will fail

B__DAWG 204 days ago
it might work

barbara2.0 204 days ago
would you say you suck more dicks or bottles

PenicillinTrapdoor 204 days ago
I'll be your top customer

jimbo 204 days ago
nothing but whiskey, malt liquor and slim jims

BigDog 204 days ago
Lemme get uhhhhhhhh... handle of Popov.

B__DAWG 204 days ago
hey....there can't be a BigDog

B__DAWG 204 days ago
you're gonna have to change that name, bud

jimbo 204 days ago
da dawg has barked homie, you best roll

B__DAWG 204 days ago
marking my territory

PoultryInMotion 204 days ago
just picked up some old german tall cans from the liquor corner i didnt notice anyone enjoying the holidays holding up the line

I've had a constant hangover since I got to my parents. My mom has like 100+ bottles of liquor, but they are all flavored bottom shelf stuff for making drinks off of Pinterest. Just been plowing through crown and whatever studios stupid drinks she makes.

But yes, please make a decent liquor store.

B__DAWG 204 days ago
i'm drinking a GINGER ale right now. one of those real spicy ones